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Managing eBay Accounts

Wonder Lister communicates with eBay on behalf of your eBay account. Before that can happen, you must add all your eBay accounts to Wonder Lister - a process called Authorization. Essentially, you are authorizing Wonder Lister to talk to eBay on behalf of your eBay accounts. This option lets you add an eBay account, remove a previously added eBay account, or reauthorize your eBay account. eBay authorization is for a limited period of time and once the authorization expires, you must reauthorize.
Start by clicking on the menu option
Tools > Options > eBay Accounts
A new view will open on the right hand side.
The table displays all your eBay accounts that you have already added in Wonder Lister.
Your eBay account user ID
The eBay site on which this account was registered
Authorization expires on
The date/time at which the authorization would expire. On or before this date, you must use the Re-Authorize button to reauthorize that account. Once the authorization has expired, all communication with eBay for that eBay account would fail.
Changed to new UserID
Displays the new eBay User ID if you had changed your User ID on eBay
Lets you add a new eBay account
You can reauthorize an account any time BUT once the authorization has expired, then, Wonder Lister won't be able to talk to eBay for that specific account. In such a case, you must immediately reauthorize using this option.
Remove a previously added account. When you remove an account, Wonder Lister will delete all data locally (that in stored within Wonder Lister's database) BUT nothing is deleted from eBay itself.
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