Wonder Lister
User guide

Adding an eBay account

To add a new eBay account to Wonder Lister, follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > eBay Accounts
A new view will open on the right hand side.
Click the "Add" button. A new tab will open:
Read the instructions carefully.
Click on the button "Add/Reauthorize eBay Account". Your default web browser will launch asking you to login to your eBay account. Login with the account you wish to add. Follow the instructions displayed in your browser. Finally, copy the complete URL displayed in the browser's address bar, switch back to Wonder Lister and paste in the textbox shown under step 6 of the screen above. Click "Proceed" button.
If the account is successfully validated by eBay, it will get added in Wonder Lister, you MAY be asked if you want to add another eBay account. Once all done, Click on the button "I'm done" or simply close the tab.