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Managing Users

Wonder Lister allows you to create your own user accounts. This is useful if you have one or more employees and you wish them to login to Wonder Lister Application using their own credentials. In addition, you can restrict individual user account to only do specific actions within Wonder Lister application.
If no user accounts have been created, then, when you run Wonder Lister (except for the very first time) on a computer, it will not ask for any login information. However, if you do create even a single user account, then, next time when you run Wonder Lister, you will be prompted to login and you must login using the user account credentials. You can create as many user accounts as you want. Typically, you create one user account for each employee. The first user account created will automatically be designated as Administrator and will be able to do everything in Wonder Lister. Thus, before creating any user account for any of your employees, you should create a user account for yourself, thus, you will become the administrator.
To create a user account, follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > Manage Users
A new view will open on the right hand side.
User name
Each user account must have a unique user name. This will be used during login along with the password.
Password for this user
Email address of the user. It is currently not used in Wonder Lister, just for reference for you.
Is Administrator
First user created is ALWAYS the administrator. Subsequent user account can be additionally designated as an administrator.
Check the boxes to grant permissions to the user.
Save the user account. The saved user appears in the grid.
Select a user account in the grid, click this button to delete the user account.