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Upgrading Wonder Lister

Wonder Lister is periodically updated with bug fixes, added features and a host of other goodies. Every Wonder Lister subscription supports version upgrades, so you always have the option to download and install the latest version.
If you use Wonder Lister on multiple computers that connect to the same database.
There are three methods to checking for Wonder Lister updates.
Method 1:
Download the latest version of Wonder Lister from Wonder Lister website.
Method 2:
Wonder Lister checks for available updates when you start the program.
If an update is available, the following message will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
Click on this link to upgrade to the latest version of Wonder Lister. 
Once you click the Upgrade Wonder Lister link,
Click Open
Method 3
Check for Updates while using Wonder Lister
To do so, click on Help in the top toolbar, and click Check for Updates
if you already have the latest version, you will see the following message:
Otherwise, there will be a download link visible on the above message window. Click the download link to start the download process.
Installation Steps:
Similar to the original installation of Wonder Lister, the following details the steps to install the Wonder Lister updates
Once you have opened the installer you may get a User Account Control dialog
Click Yes to continue
Click Next to begin installation
Click I Agree to accept the License Agreement
Click Install to begin the installation process.
NOTE: To change the installation location, click Browse and select the location where you would like to install Wonder Lister.
Wonder Lister will begin installing the updates to your computer
Click Finish to complete the installation.
Congratulations! You have just upgraded Wonder Lister. Enjoy all the new features that come with our updates.