Wonder Lister
User guide

On Subsequent Computers

Start by opening Wonder Lister application from the desktop icon or from the Start menu.
Step 1:
Click Next to begin the setup process.
Step 2:
Enter your Wonder Lister UserID and password and click Login to begin using Wonder Lister.
Step 3:
Select the second option
Step 4:
To connect to an existing SQL Server instance from your first computer, you will need to fill out the following information
TIP: Additional information regarding each field and how to enter this information is detailed below this log in form in the Wonder Lister program. If you have trouble connecting to your database, refer to those notes.
Step 5:
Select Use an existing database and pick the Database you wish to connect to from the drop down menu
Click Next to connect to this Database
Wonder Lister is now connected to the database on your network computer.
Congratulations! You are now ready to begin using Wonder Lister on this computer.
For information on the Basics of Wonder Lister, its User Interface and the general layout of the application; please see the Getting to Know Wonder Lister Documentation
For more information on how to use Wonder Lister and its extensive set of features, please read the Features documentation.