Wonder Lister
User guide

Twitter Integration

Integrate Wonder Lister with your Twitter account. This will allow Wonder Lister to post your listings to your Twitter account, allowing your listings to get more exposure.
To integrate your Twitter account with Wonder Lister follow the steps detailed below.
Step 1:
Go to Tools, then Options.
Step 2:
Click on Twitter Accounts from the left hand column.
Click Add a Twitter account to add a new Twitter account to your Wonder Lister profile.
Step 3:
Log into your Twitter account and click Authorize app
Step 4:
It is possible that you may receive a Script Error. If so; don't worry, click Yes to continue
Step 5:
Wonder Lister allows you to integrate with multiple twitter accounts.
Give a specific name so you know which Twitter account you are posting too.
Click Save to continue
Step 6:
Once Wonder Lister is integrated with your Twitter account, it will be listed in the drop down menu.
Click tweet to post a special message to this account
Step 7:
Type your message and click Tweet / Post to post your message
Now that you have setup your Twitter account, learn how to Tweet a listing to help it gain more exposure within your Twittersphere.
When you first integrate your Twitter account with Wonder Lister, all your existing active listings will be tweeted automatically in the background.