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Main Details

The Main Details section of Product Details tab looks like the following:
Title of your listing - Required
Select from previously used titles
List of titles you used earlier - select one to set the Title
Sub Title
Item's SKU
Description Template
Optional. Select one from all the Description Templates you have created.
Condition Description
Describe in your own words the condition of the item you are selling in this listing
Lot Size
If your item is sold as set of many units like when an item is sold as set of 2 tooth pastes
Avg Unit Cost
Average unit cost - needed if you wish to calculate Profit or Loss on this item
User Managed Folder
The folder in which to add this listing. See User Managed User Folders
Storage Location Bin
Bin Location of this item in your warehouse
Enter your item's description. Description on eBay is actually HTML. Using the editor, you can write pretty much in your natural language and use the interface to make sections of text bold, italic, underline, add external links, add video links, justify text left, center or right, change font and its size.
You can also copy description prepared in WORD and paste it in here.
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