Wonder Lister
User guide

Searching with the grid data

Wonder Lister allows you to search ONLY within the data that is currently displayed in your Grid. This gives you some very powerful search capability.
For example,
say, if you wish to search ONLY for Active Listings satisfying your search criterion, then,
First, simply click on the system folder named "Active" -> This will display your active listings in the Grid.
If you now do either a simple search or an advanced search with the option to search within the Grid, you are essentially searching ONLY active listings, in this case.
Please note, that even though you have more listings than the Grid shows (based on your Pagination size), the search is as if there is no Pagination specified.  For example, say your Pagination is set to 500 and you actually have 10,000 active listings, the Grid will only show 500 at a time, BUT the search will be across all 10,000
To search within the Listings in the Grid, do the search with the check box "Search in Grid" checked.
This applies to search for Listings, Listing Templates and Sales (aka item)