Wonder Lister
User guide

Refreshing eBay fees

Use this option to Update Wonder Lister with all the eBay fees. eBay fees is used to accurately calculate the Profit & Loss report. Doing this manually once a month is a highly recommended Best Practices.
To do the refresh, use the menu option:
"eBay Updates" > "Refresh eBay fees" as shown below:
A new tab will be opened as shown below:
Refresh fee data for which eBay account(s)
Select 1 or more of your eBay accounts for which you wish to refresh fees. To select more than one, hold the <CTRL> key down and click on the account to select.
Specify date range
Start Date
Specify the start date for the date range, for the date selected, it starts at the beginning of the day.
End Date
Specify the end date for the date range, for the date selected, it ends at the end of the day.
Refresh fees
Starts the refresh process. You can continue to work in other tabs while the process is running. Progress messages will be displayed at the top of the view. When the process is finished, you can close this tab.