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Managing Storage Locations

What is a Storage Location?
Storage Location is simply the address of your warehouse, an address from where ship your items. If you use calculated shipping in your listings, then, eBay will display shipping calculator to your potential buyer. Your potential buyer would then be able to calculate exact shipping cost the carrier would charge for shipping from your location to buyer's location.
You can create as many storage locations as you so wish.
When Wonder Lister is run for the very first time, it imports all your active listings from eBay and saves them locally. As part of this process, it also creates storage locations specified in those listings.
To manage your storage locations, follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > Storage Locations
A new view will display on the right hand side showing all your current storage locations as shown below:
Click this to add a new storage location. A dialog will appear.
Select the country of your storage location
Zip/Postal Code
Enter the Zip (also called Postal) code
Enter the city name / district name
Save this location under name
Enter a friendly name for this location
Click on the button "Save Location" to save.
Edit selected
Select a storage location in the grid and then click this button to edit the selected location. The same dialog as shown above will appear. Make your changes and save.
Delete selected
Select one or more storage locations and then click this button to delete locations. A location that is currently in use by any listing will NOT be deleted.