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How do I delete my templates?


What does Deleting mean?

Templates you create remain in the system forever unless you decide to get rid of them. One way to permanently get rid of a template is to delete it and it's gone for ever with no possibility of recovery. Another alternative is to Archive templates. Archiving makes the template sort of invisible EXCEPT when you explicitly want to see them.
Thus, if you are 100% sure you will never need a template again in future, go ahead and delete it otherwise you are better off Archiving it.
Archived Templates can be Unarchived but Deleted Template can't be Undeleted.
Follow these steps:
Before the delete operation is actually done, you are given a warning regarding the number of templates you are deleting and that deleted templates will be deleted from ALL folders including from the folders you created.Confirm to do the delete or Cancel to stop deleting. But once the operation is triggered by your confirmation, it can't be stopped.