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How can I find listings with any Auto Relist Rule set?

Every Auto Relist Rule has a unique ID called "Rule ID" associated with it. The "Rule ID" is a number always greater than zero. Thus you can do a simple search on Listings having "Auto Relist Rule ID" Greater Than 0 (zero)
Follow these steps:
Enter/select the follow details in the "Search / Advanced Search" area. Check/uncheck other search options as needed.
Execute the query by clicking on the "Execute" button
The Grid area will show all listings on which any Auto Relist Rule has been set.
If you wish to find listings having a specific auto relist rule, then, you can do the search like "Auto Relist Rule ID" EqualTo <RuleID_of_the_rule>. To find the "RuleID" of a specific rule, see How to create Auto Relist Rule