Wonder Lister
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How can I export my Sales to a CSV or XML file?

To export your Sales to a CSV or XML file,
Follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Sales > Manage
A new dialog window will open.

Select your desired format - XML to export as an .xml file, Tab Delimited- to export as a TAB delimited file, for TAB delimited format, additionally select, if you also wish to export the header (column names) or not.
Click on the button "Send to Clipboard" to copy the selected items data to clipboard which then you can paste into any notepad created file simply by pressing CTRL+V.
Click on the button "Cancel" to simply close this dialog
What data is exported?
All the data currently displayed in the Grid is exported. You can change the set of columns displayed in the Grid and their display order. See Managing Grid Layouts