Wonder Lister
User guide

How can I delete an auto list rule?

Follow these steps:

Click on the menu option


Tools > Options > Auto List Rules


A new view called "Manage Auto List Rules" will be displayed on the right hand side.

Click on the button "Delete Selected..." to delete the selected rule(s).


You can not delete a rule as long as it is set on any template. So, first, you will have to

remove the auto list rule from all templates




You should "Delete" the auto list rule if you think you will never going to use it again. When you Delete the rule, it is gone forever with no chance of recovery.

You should "Disable" the auto list rule if you temporarily want to ignore it but may wish to use it at some later point in time. When a Rule is Disabled, it is not processed and does NOT create any listings. The rule exists BUT for all practical purposes, it is literally ignored.