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Custom Fields

Wonder Lister allows you to create your own fields and attach them to Templates, Listings and/or Sales. Custom Fields allow you to capture additional information about your items not required by eBay. For example, say you wish to capture information regarding the Supplier of your item. You could create a custom field say named "Supplier". Once the custom field is created, this field will be asked in the editors during the creation or editing of each item.
To create a custom field, follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > Custom Fields
Enter the following details:
Field name
Custom Field Type
Select from Product, Sales, Consignor. Product is for both Templates and Listings, Sales is for Sales and Consignor is for Consignor
Custom Field Name
Enter a name for your custom field. Must be entered.
Default Value
Enter a default value to use. You can leave it blank. If used, default value is used only when creating new items. Existing items using this custom field are not impacted.
Click on the button "Save" to save the custom field.
The custom field created appears in the table along with other custom fields previously created.
To Edit an existing custom field:
Select it in the table
The details will be displayed
Enter a new name (if you wish to change the name)
Enter new default value under the column "Default Value"
Click on the button "Save" to save the changes made
To Delete existing custom fields
Select the custom fields (in the table) you wish to delete
Click on the button "Delete"
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