Wonder Lister
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Connect to an existing local SQL Server

NOTE: This documentation details the steps after you have chosen the second option in Step 3 of the Initial Setup documentation
and need to connect to an existing SQL Server that was previously installed on your local computer. If you have just finished installing SQL Server and had to restart your computer, follow these steps. You will be able to setup your database in Step 2 of this section. 
The second option in Step 3 of the Initial Setup refers to the following screen
Step 1:
To connect to an existing local SQL Server instance you will need to fill out the following information
TIP: Additional information regarding each field and how to enter this information is detailed below this log in form in the Wonder Lister program. If you have trouble connecting to your database, refer to those notes.
Step 2:
Select Use an existing database and pick the Database you wish to connect too from the drop down menu
NOTE: If you have not set up a Database previously within this Instance, you may create a new one by selecting the Create a new database option and entering a name for the Database.
Click Next to connect to this Database
Wonder Lister is now connected to your database.
You're almost there! To finish up setting up Wonder Lister, refer to Step 4 in the Initial Setup documentation to connect Wonder Lister with your eBay account.