Wonder Lister
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Configure Description Editor Mode

The description editor included in the Full Editor (for Listings and Listing Templates) by default is displayed in the Editor mode where you simply type in your description the way you want it to visually look like. Underneath, the description editor generates the HTML for the entered description. For most users, that would be the preferred setting. However, if you want the description editor to always show the HTML version of your description, you set that as your preferred choice. Follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > Preferences
A new view will open on the right hand side. Click on the tab "Listing Preferences"
Select the desired option under "Description Editor Mode". Choices are:
This is the designer mode - you simply type in the text of your description, apply font size, color, bold, italic etc, the editor will automatically create the needed HTML
This will display the HTML generated, you can edit the HTML also
This is a read only mode and displays how it will look
Once the Full Editor is open, you can switch between these modes manually as shown below: