Handling eBay’s new Policy making GTC as the ONLY choice for all Fixed Price Listings


Recently eBay made a significant change where it made GTC (Good till cancelled) the only option for all fixed price listings. No longer, an eBay seller has the option to specify durations of 3,7,10 or 30 days, just GTC is the only available choice. This mandate has created some significant issues for a lot of eBay sellers.

  1.  Since by definition, GTC listings are automatically renewed every 30 days, thus, you no longer will have the option to edit your listing, if remaining unsold. Unless of course you manually END the listing and edit and relist. For large number of listings, this could be an issue.
  2. Automatic renewal implies you have to pay eBay fees every 30 days – whether you want it or not – unless of course, you END the listing manually before it auto renews.


Wonder Lister (WL) was the first application globally to implement a solution to handle the above issues. In WL, you can set a flag on your Fixed Price GTC listing to indicate that it be force ended before eBay auto renews it. For existing listings, this flag can be set using Bulk Editing. Once a listing has the flag set, WL will End the listing during the last 60 minutes before it is due for auto renewal by eBay. The listing will be Ended ONLY if it has no Sale against it.


WL is providing this feature to Everyone – no matter what subscription level you are on, thus, you don’t pay anything extra to use this feature.

For more information, please contact Wonder Lister Support : support@wonderlister.com

Wonder Lister is now integrated with Cloudinary

Version 02.00.0024 of Wonder Lister released today is integrated with cloud based picture hosting service Cloudinary. Why we decided to integrate with Cloudinary? Because:

(1)  Even with a free account, the limits are very generous

(2)  Uploading of pictures to Cloudinary is extremely fast, even faster than, Google Drive!

(3)  Cloudinary generates clean URLs rather than cryptic looking garbage URLs generated by other services including eBay’s picture hosting service (EPS). The URL generated preserves the folder structure of the picture being uploaded including the picture file name.

(4)  The uploaded pictures are available in your Cloudinary web account where you can do additional tasks like rotating etc. Once done, the same is immediately available on all channels like eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.


Instructions for enabling your Google Drive in Wonder Lister

Starting with WL version 01.03.0211, WL can upload your listing images to your Google drive rather than sending them to eBay. There are basically two steps involved:

(1)  Authorize WL to use your personal Google drive account

(2)  Setup your preference to let WL know that it should use Google drive to upload your images. This preference can be withdrawn any time. So, as long as this preference is set, WL will upload images to Google drive and if this preference is not set, then, WL will upload your images to eBay.

How to Authorize WL to use your personal Google drive

Click on the menu option Tools -> Options

A new tab will be opened. On the left hand side, you will see an option called ‘Google drive account’. Click it.

A new browser window will be opened. If not already signed in to Google, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account

Once signed in, you will be asked to authorize Wonder Lister to use your Google drive. Grant your permission and you are all set. You can now close the browser window.

Setup your preference to let WL know that it should use Google drive

(1)  Use the menu option Tools -> Options

(2)  The new tab will be opened.

(3)  On the left hand side, you will see an option called ‘Preferences’. Click it.

(4)  On the right hand side, you will see preferences categorized under various sections. Click on the section called ‘Listing Preferences’

(5)  On the right hand side under sub-section called ‘Listing Policies’, you will see a checkbox labeled ‘Use Google drive to store pictures’. Check it to let WL know that all your listing pictures should be uploaded to your Google drive. Unchecking will make WL upload your images to eBay.

(6)  Click on the ‘Save’ button at the top

eBay GetItem API not returning Business Profiles associated with that item

Recently, it was brought to our notice that after a Listing is refreshed from eBay, the profile(s) associated with that listing are not being returned.
This is observed on eBay US site and not confirmed as yet, if other eBay sites are also impacted.
Update: As of 11 Nov, 2016 2:56 AM GMT
eBay’s sandbox environment is actually working fine! Here is the missing info in production but is there in sandbox:
<ShippingProfileName>Standard Shipping Profile</ShippingProfileName>
<ReturnProfileName>No Returns</ReturnProfileName>
<PaymentProfileName>Paypal or VISA Only</PaymentProfileName>

Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister – Migration Guide

Who is this article for?

This article is meant for new users who are migrating from Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister.


As a Turbo Lister user, you have your eBay data stored at two places:

  • Listings that are stored on eBay site itself
  • Inventory items stored on your local computer

When you install and run Wonder Lister for the very first time, Wonder Lister will automatically import all your listings data residing on eBay. So, nothing more needs to be done as far as listings data that is stored on eBay is concerned.

The inventory data that you have on your local computer must be somehow transferred to Wonder Lister. This guide is meant to make this process as easy as possible.

Before you start Importing Turbo Lister Inventory Items:

Wonder Lister exclusively uses Profiles for managing your Payment, shipping and return policy details. Business Profiles is an eBay feature which eBay introduced several years back. It is highly recommended that you opt-in (basically sign up) to use eBay Business policies/profiles. Once you opt-in, eBay will automatically generate your profiles based on your existing listings. You should edit your listings within Turbo Lister (you can do that in Wonder Lister also) before exporting them. To OPT-IN to use business policies, please see http://www.wonderlister.com/blogs/index.php/2017/09/11/how-to-opt-in-to-ebay-business-policies/

Importing Turbo Lister Inventory Items:

First, from within your Turbo Lister, export as CSV file all your Inventory Items. You MUST export them in TL format (which is NOT the default option in Turbo Lister, so, please be careful)

Now, run Wonder Lister and follow these steps to Import that CSV file:

  • Go to main menu option: Templates -> Manage
  • A new tab will open titled ‘Manage Templates’
  • Click on the button titled ‘Create Options’ –> ‘Using a CSV file…’
  • A new dialog will be opened asking for the file to import
  • Enter/select the location of the TL CSV file
  • Select the right file format (Comma separated Values or TAB delimited or semi-colon delimited)
  • Wonder Lister will display some of your CSV data in the Grid so that you can ensure it looks good, if not, try changing the File Origin
  • Click on the button “Create listing templates

The import process will start. When completed, if there are any errors, they will be reported in the Grid. For those without any errors, a new listing template will be created per CSV row.

Now that your Inventory items are in Wonder Lister, the next step is to make some minor edits to the listing templates just imported. The reason for this is that Wonder Lister uses eBay Business Profiles where as many Turbo Lister users still do not use eBay Business Profiles even though eBay launched this feature many years ago. Thus, the next step is to attach Payment, Shipping and Return Policy profiles to the listing templates just imported. But before we can do that, these profiles must be there in Wonder Lister itself. Now, when you ran Wonder Lister for the very first time, Wonder Lister imported all your eBay business profiles (payment, shipping and return policy profiles) directly from eBay. This is true even if you have not switched over to using eBay Business Profiles. So, it is quite likely that the profiles you wish to attach to items just imported may already be existing in Wonder Lister. If not, Wonder Lister allows you to create them as well.

So, essentially, in summary, you may need to create your business profiles (Payment, shipping and return policies). To do that,

  • Go to main menu: Tools -> Options -> Payment, Shipping & Return Profiles
  • Underneath are options for each of Payment, Shipping and Return Profiles.
  • Click Payment and a new view will be displayed on the right hand side and you will be able to see your existing profiles as well as create new ones.
  • Similarly, you can create new Shipping and Return Policy profiles (if not already there)
  • In addition, we strongly suggest, that you enter a friendly name for each of the profiles Wonder Lister imported from eBay because eBay generated profile names are very cryptic and mostly useless.

Ok, now, at this point, you have all your profiles in place. The next step is to assign a profile of each type to the listing templates we just imported. In Wonder Lister, you can do that in Bulk.

Bulk assign Profiles to Listing Templates:

  • Go to main menu option: Templates -> Manage…
  • A new tab will be opened titled ‘Manage Templates’
  • Click on the system folder on the left hand side, labelled “All Listing Templates”. The templates will be displayed inside the Grid on the right hand side.
  • Select one or more templates to assign profiles
  • Click on “Bulk Edit…” button located at the top of the ‘Manage Templates’ tab
  • The Bulk Edit windows is displayed.
  • Check the box next to “Payment Profile“. Once checked, you will be allowed to select a Profile from the list of available profiles. Select the one you desire making sure the profile you are selecting belongs to the same eBay userID and eBay site to which your listing templates belong to.
  • Repeat the above step for Shipping and Return profiles.
  • Once all three profiles have been selected, click on the button “Save Changes” which is at the top of the window.

and that’s it as far as migrating your Inventory data from Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister is concerned!

If you need any help, email Wonder Lister customer support:




Can Wonder Lister be an ideal replacement for eBay Turbo Lister?

We get asked this question over and over again, so, we thought, we might write this article why we think Wonder Lister is an ideal replacement tool for eBay’s Turbo Lister.

One of the biggest strength of Turbo Lister is that you can create your inventory items and listings offline, i.e., while you do not have an internet connection. Now, this may sound a bit out of the whack in the 21st century, but the fact remains that even within continental USA, there are many pockets where internet speeds are not that great or are expensive. Just like Turbo Lister, Wonder Lister too can create your Listing Templates (aka inventory items) and Listings offline. So, if this is something that is worrying you, don’t need to, Wonder Lister has you covered.

Other features of Turbo Lister, like, Bulk editing, Folders, Grid editing and such other features are kind of very basic functionality in Wonder Lister.

However, the similarities between Turbo Lister and Wonder Lister stops here. Wonder Lister has far more features than Turbo Lister, to name a few:

Folders – Based on queries you set, thus, all items matching the queries are automatically displayed under that folder, no manual intervention is needed

Customizable Grid Views – You can create an unlimited number of Grid Views and for each view you select which columns and in what order those columns be displayed, thus, you have full control over your Grid View and you can switch between Grid Views that you create

Customizable eBay Listing Editor – You select which fields you wish to hide because you never use them, thus, simplifying eBay Listing Editor’s interface. Plus, you choose to display the eBay Listing Editor either as a single page or as a set of tabs, your choice.

Side-by-side Editor – Wonder Lister users simply love this! This editor is inserted alongside the Listings Grid, thus, you select a Listing from the Grid, its data gets displayed in the Side-by-side editor where you can edit and save the changes, then, simply click on the next listing to edit in the Grid and the process just continues. This is a huge time saver.

Built-in scheduling – From time to time, eBay announces free listings period during which eBay does not charge any insertion fee for creating listings. This feature lets you create your listings in advance, schedule it for a date far in future and when eBay does the announcement, you simply send them to eBay. And of course, if you do indeed need to schedule your listings at specific dates/times, you could use this feature and can avoid any eBay fees associated with scheduling. Many users use Wonder Lister just for this feature itself as this can pay for the monthly subscription fee by itself!

Consignor Module – If you do consignment selling, Wonder Lister has you covered. You can define as many commission payout policies as you wish and based on the policy applied to a specific listing, Wonder Lister will do the commission calculation once the item gets sold.

Profit & Loss Report – Wonder Lister can capture the cost of an item and when it gets sold, the Sales Report will computer the Profit/Loss on that sale.

Consignor Report – Allows you to computer commission per individual consignor for a specified period and you have the option to include/exclude those sales for which you may already have done the settlement.

Managing Sales – Wonder Lister lets you combine multiple sales from the same buyer into a single order, you can mark an order as shipped / paid.

Auto List Rules – In Wonder Lister, you can create as many auto list rules as you wish and then apply a given rule to a bunch of existing Listing Templates (inventory items). Based on the conditions set in the rule, new Listings will be automatically create for you.

Auto Relist Rules – Similar to Auto List rules but this applies to Listings when they end on eBay.

Automatic Feedback – You can define a set of feedback comments and Wonder Lister will send automatic feedback to your buyers.

Automatic Database Backups – This feature can save you many sleepless nights. Computers are just machines and machines do fail from time to time. But having a backup to rely on for your business critical data becomes so vital.

Data stored on your local computer – Wonder Lister saves all your data in a repository called a Database. All the data is stored on your local computer itself, so, you decide for how long you wish to keep it. eBay only keeps for a maximum of 90 days.

Hope this helps.

Migrating from Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister

Wonder Lister is an ideal replacement tool for Turbo Lister.

Migrating from eBay Turbo Lister (TL) application to Wonder Lister (WL) is rather simple and straight forward. When you first setup Wonder Lister, all your current listings on eBay are automatically imported into Wonder Lister. But what about Inventory Items that live only inside Turbo Lister and were never sent to eBay in the first place? This post address this question and in fact it is rather simple.

Users migrating from TL to WL should follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of Turbo Lister. If not, upgrade your TL
  • Using TL, export your inventory items to a CSV file in Turbo Lister format
  • Once the export is over, you can shutdown TL
  • Launch Wonder Lister, if not already running
  • Use the main menu option:
    Listing Templates -> Manage
  • A new tab will open

    Manage Listing Templates tab

    Manage Listing Templates

  • On the tab that opens up, click on the button ‘Create Items using CSV…’

    Create Listing Templates using a CSV

    Create Listing Templates using a CSV

  • A new dialog box will open

    Dialog to input CSV file to import

    Dialog to input CSV file to import

  • On the new dialog that comes up, select the CSV file that you exported from Turbo Lister
  • Click the ‘Create Listing Templates’ button to start the process
  • When the CSV file is imported, Wonder Lister will display any errors it may find. The errors are displayed in a Grid format and you can Save the Grid contents. This is helpful as you might be asked to email this data to Wonder Lister support team.



Wonder Lister won’t connect to database after upgrading to Windows 10

Many users have reported that after they upgraded to Windows 10, Wonder Lister will get stuck at connecting to database step on startup.

The reason we have found is that Microsoft SQL Server service startup mode gets reset from Automatic to Manual and therefore it does not start automatically. So, we need to check and correct the startup mode back to Automatic. To do this:

Go to:

Control panel : Administrative tools : Services

Scroll down the list until you see: SQL server (wonderlister)

Double click it.

Change startup type to AUTOMATIC as well as start it.

Then run WL.