Wonder Lister won’t connect to database after upgrading to Windows 10

Many users have reported that after they upgraded to Windows 10, Wonder Lister will get stuck at connecting to database step on startup.

The reason we have found is that Microsoft SQL Server service startup mode gets reset from Automatic to Manual and therefore it does not start automatically. So, we need to check and correct the startup mode back to Automatic. To do this:

Go to:

Control panel : Administrative tools : Services

Scroll down the list until you see: SQL server (wonderlister)

Double click it.

Change startup type to AUTOMATIC as well as start it.

Then run WL.

How to generate slightly different titles on Bulk Duplicate?

First, you need to enable this functionality by setting a preference. To do that, go to main menu option:

Tools -> Options -> Preferences



If not already checked, check the box corresponding to “Append a short random string to Title on Duplicate”, as shown in the screenshot above.

If you had to check the box, ensure you Save your changes.

Close the Manage Preferences window.

Now, that the feature has been enabled, when you duplicate any listing / listing template, (you can select multiple), the title of the original listing will be appended a short random string in the duplicated listings.