How does Auto List feature work in Wonder Lister?

Concept behind Auto List feature

Auto List allows you to setup a recurring schedule for automatically listing you item.

Any listing whose duration is NOT GTC, can be set to Auto List.

Auto List works based on the schedule time (or start time) of the listing it is set on and its duration in days.

Every listing created by the execution of Auto List has the EXACT Schedule time you start off with on the original listing.


Listing L1 schedule time was 10:00 AM on 28th March, 2016 for a duration of 3 days

Current system time: 14:00 on 4th April, 2016 when Auto List was turned ON

As a result of Auto List being turned ON, a new Wonder Lister Scheduled Listing L2 is created whose scheduled time would be set to 10:00 AM on 6th April, 2016 (Minimum date/time which is more than the current system time of 14:00 on 4th April, 2016). The scheduled time of L2 is arrived by simply continuing to add 3 days to 10:00 AM 28th March until current system time is exceeded. L2 itself will have its Auto List turned ON to start with.

Now, when, the system time becomes, 10:00 AM on 6th of April, 2016, then, L2 is submitted to eBay. If successful, then, since L2 also has its own Auto List On, it results in creation of a new Wonder Lister scheduled listing L3 with scheduled time set to 10:00 AM 9th April, 2016. L3 also has its own Auto List turned ON by default.

The process continues ad infinitum until the Auto List is turned OFF on the absolute last scheduled listing.

How to turn ON Auto List for a single listing

In Manage Listings, in the Listings Grid, locate the listing you are interested in. You can also do a search by a host of fields to locate the right listing. Once the listing is displayed in the Grid, click it to select it. Click F2 to start editing the selected listing. Under the AutoList column, click the checkbox. If there are any additional changes you wish to make, do them as well. Finally, press the ENTER key. You will be prompted to Save or Discard your changes. Click on Save.

How to turn ON Auto List for Multiple Listings

In Manage Listings, in the Listings Grid, select all those listings you wish to set Auto List ON. Click on the button ‘Bulk Change‘. A new window titled Bulk Change would open up. Maximize it if needed. At the absolute last, you would see ‘Auto List?‘ field. Click on the first check box. This indicates you are interested in editing Auto List field. The second checkbox will then get enabled. Check/Uncheck the second checkbox to ON/OFF Auto List. Click on the button ‘Submit revisions‘ to apply the changes to your selected fields.

How to turn ON Auto List using CSV file

Name of the column in the CSV file is:

Auto List

The Value can be true/false or 1/0

The CSV file used to Create NEW listings as well as editing existing listings support this column


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