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An eBay Lister that far exceeds TurboLister or Selling Manager

Social media marketing, custom data export to Amazon/Shopify/Magento, Multiple eBay accounts, eBay description wrappers (aka Listing Templates), consignor module are some of the many features not available on eBay, TurboLister or Selling Manager

Social media marketing

Reach additional buyers using social networks. Wonder Lister is fully integrated with Twitter, so, you can tweet your eBay listing on your twitter account(s).

Customizable views

Create listing, listing templates and sales views to display focussed information. For example, an active listing view, an ended listing view, an ended – unsold listings view, etc.

Bulk Duplicate

Create a master listing and bulk duplicate, edit each duplicated listing in Simple Editor and submit all at once to eBay!

Powerful Search Capability

While eBay allows you to search by a few pre-defined fields, Wonder Lister allows you to choose one and more fields to search.

Export your data to Amazon/Shopify/Magento/Other marketplaces

Export your templates and listings as a flat file. All columns as well as their names are fully customizable. Thus, you can create your export data files such that they can be directly imported in Amazon, and other merchant sites.

Custom fields

Allows you to define your own fields for Listings and Sales. The values entered in such fields can also be used in creating eBay’s description!

Customizable Invoice Template

Customize how you want your invoice to look, and use custom fields in the template, if you’d like.

Multiple eBay accounts

Add as many eBay User IDs to Wonder Lister as you wish. Wonder Lister’s is capable of showing all your listings and sales for all user IDs together or by a specific User ID.

Data retention

Keep your data on your computer for as long as you want! One year, two years, however long, it’s your call.

User defined folders

Create your own folders and sub folders at any level. Define your own criteria for which listings (or sales) should automatically be displayed when you click on the folder.

Bulk Editing

Wonder Lister allows you to easily select tens of thousands of your listings and make multiple field changes to ALL selected listings at once.

Consignor module

Wonder Lister automatically calculates your commission on consignor sales.

Sales report with Profit & loss figures

In Wonder Lister, you can track Profit (or Loss) for each of your sales.

Description Templates

Using Description Templates, you can define the basic look and feel of your listing ONCE and use it across multiple/all of your listings. Conversely, if you need to make changes to many listings, you need to make the change ONLY once in the Description Template and all those listings that use that Description Template will automatically get revised. In addition, inside your Description Template, you can embed Custom fields that you define yourself.

Multiple eBay sites

Add as many eBay sites as you wish to list on, and filter your listings (or sales) by a specific site or by all sites.

If you need a specific feature that is not already part of Wonder Lister, let us know. Many times, we are able to accommodate user specific requests for special features. Learn more

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